Hot Rodders of Tomorrow

Students, start your engines! Hot Rodders of Tomorrow is a 501c3 educational program with a goal of introducing and developing a passion for the automotive industry and an introduction to the trade and career paths available. Our flagship program is our high school competition where a team of 5 students work together to disassemble and reassemble a complete engine using only hand tools. They are timed and must complete the build using proper techniques and specs. Successfully completing the challenge in under 33 minutes qualifies the students for scholarships from our scholarship partners as well as the opportunity to attend the SEMA and PRI Shows and compete for additional scholarship monies.

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Junior Hot Rodders of Tomorrow

The contest is very simple, a team comprised of 2 individuals; one team member must be 5-18 years of age. Together they must completely disassemble/reassemble a complete single cylinder OHV engine, utilizing only basic hand tools. Some of the goals of the premise behind this contest are to help individuals develop great agility, communication skills and self esteem. The contest also has a goal of helping youngster’s develop great problem solving skills and an understanding of an internal combustion engine. Teams will be judged on overall performance and accuracy with attention to detail during the overall process as engines must be run ready at the completion of the assembly phase.