We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thank you for to the attendees for their support over the years. The show happens because of you!

The military representations always astound me. As a veteran, the spouse of a veteran and many family members and friends as active and veteran, it makes my heart swell with pride to see that. Phenomenal showing y’all. we haven’t missed one since we moved to Ohio 7 years back. and don’t plan on stopping.
– Corinna Parish

Awesome show, the pinstriping art was amazing. First time attending and I’ll be back.
– John Christensen

I really enjoy this show. Something there for everyone. I’ve been there the last three years and it’s been different each year. Enjoy talking to the owners of the vehicles and hearing their stories.
– Michael Hawkins

It was great. So many different cars, trucks and cycle. It was everything you would want to see with pistons!
– Harold Duncan

Great show. I loved the variety. Nowhere else can you see tanks, to planes, to import cars. Love being a part of the event.
– Jerry Taylor

Krazy Paint! The amount of talent and dedication plus everyone willing to donate towards the cause was awesome to see
– Kendall Riecken

Well run show. Easy in – Easy out. Thanks for a good time.
– Grant Geist

Loved the show! Have been every year since I was 11! Special day for me and my dad.
– Rylee Knox

Thank you for a killer weekend! You guys run a well oiled machine and make life easy for us exhibitors. See you guys next year.
– Jerry Taylor