Fatman’s Invasion

2019’s Brand New Feature

Celebrating 53 years at the I-X Center, the Summit Racing Equipment I-X Piston Powered Auto-Rama continues its reputation for showcasing All-Star cars with a brand, new feature from Fatman’s Invasion. From Euros, Imports, Sport Compacts and Low Riders to Modern American Muscle, Car Clubs and more, Fatman’s Invasion is taking over the South Hall with more than 100 vehicles.

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Chelsa Wolfe

Nokturnal Car Club of Buffalo    
Michael Prell

Team Winning  
Ken MacNellis

Nardy-Built Elite Performance  
Nardomar & Crystalynn Figueroa

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll see in the South Halls when Fatman’s Invasion takes over!

Tim Mulcahy

Reverence 1969 Dodge Charger Hellcat

Reverence 1969 Dodge Charger Hellcat built by Cleveland Power & Performance is a one of a kind vehicle in a class of its own. This machine was purpose built to blend the icon styling of the 69 Dodge Charger with the modern muscle of a Hellcat. Reverence is a complete body swapped vehicle that perfectly merges two generations of American muscle into one bad ride. 1969 Charger body graphed on-top a 2016 Hellcat Challenger. All interior amenities of a late model MOPAR have been retained. Over 700HP ready to rip at the push of a button.

Reverence is powered by a 6.2L Supercharged Hellcat engine. The engine has been modified to make more power by way of a 2.85 supercharger pulley and a 10% over crank pulley. The Hellcats power is delivered through the ZF8HP90 8 speed automatic transmission. In the rear, putting the power to the wheels, is a 3.09 ratio differential sitting in a fully independent rear suspension. The engine is fit with 2″x3″ longtube headers and a full 3″ Kooks exhaust all the way back.

Classic Looks With An Aggressive twist. Many hours were spend hand building and modifying this vehicle. Custom hand crafted Ram Air hood, Blending the styling cues of the 69 Charger & Hellcat. Frenched bumpers, Custom valances, Hand built grilles Recessed door scoops, Hand formed spoiler. Custom touches all around. The awesome stance of the a car is thank to the KW Variant coilovers and CCW SP551 wheels.

Factory modified Hellcat challenger seats and dash with custom upholstery. All SRT performance features retained, including launch control, adjustable suspension, navigation, heated/cooled seats, and more. Custom built roll cage with removable bars by way of clevis pins.

Dalton Lovejoy

1949 International: Military
1969 Dodge: D200: SEMA
1985 Short Bus

The 49 International started out life as an old beat up farm truck. I purchased it from a guy in Columbus Ohio where it was set up on a s10 chassis and a 350 Chevy small block. Both of those had to go. It’s not on a 1996 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Diesel chassis. It’s got an old military trailer for a bed that I modified to fit. The color of the truck was too spot on not to go military themed with it. I built this one for my senior year of high school car show and took home best of show.

The 69 D200 is probably my favorite build so far because of how far it has made me go as a fabricator. It’s life started out as a forester truck in Nevada. It then became a VOCATIONAL School body shop truck. After that it went to the scrap yard where the guy I got it from saved it. Once I got my hands on it, the ideas began to flow. It’s on a 94 Dodge Ram Cummins chassis. Has the full 94 harness, gauges, steering column, pedals. Anything I could use went into it. It’s got new 2015 Dodge Ram interior. Full custom air ride lift kit built by me in my shop. I built this one when I was 19 for a show in Daytona Florida. It went viral and that’s when I got the opportunity for SEMA!

The 1985 bus was just your run of the mill retired short bus. We bought it locally from a place that sells nothing but used busses. This project has been a three year process due to never having enough time to focus on mainly it by itself. It’s on full air ride. We are running ACCUAIR management system on it. It has a custom body drop we made for it to help it get as low as possible to the ground all the way aired out. The front end is converted to Chevy truck spindles and a-arms to help get it lower to the ground. We are running 22” Alcoa’s on the front with Nitto 420 tires. The interior features all custom sound system and TVs with theater style seating. All individual captain leather chairs. It has a small block Chevy in it with a flomaster exhaust. It’s the perfect hop in every day cruiser for the family!

“Fatman’s Invasion began in 2009 as a gathering of car enthusiasts and has turned into one of the largest non-segmented events in Northeast Ohio,” said The Fatman himself, Adam Hurt. “Sharing a similar philosophy as the Piston Powered Auto-Rama, “If it has wheels, bring it,” it was a no brainer to partner for the 2019 show and bring Euros, Imports, Sport Compacts and Low Riders to the South Hall under the Fatman’s Invasion of South Hall.”