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55 Trojan Airplane

2014 Aircraft included:
Liberty Air Museum’s B-25J Medium Bomber
T-28B owned by Gordon Bowers
The Cleveland Wing of the Commerative Air Force’s SNJ4

The North American T-28 “Trojan” was the most powerful, piston-engine trainer aircraft ever used by the U.S. military. It is powered by the mighty Curtiss-Wright R-1820 “Cyclone 9” engine – the world’s largest, single-row, radial engine. First produced in 1931, variants of this engine are still in production today! See the massive, Curtiss-Wright R-1820 “Cyclone 9” engine that powers the North American T-28 “Trojan” aircraft that will be on display. The “Cyclone 9” is the largest, single-row, radial engine ever made. With its two-speed, internal supercharger, the engine produces enough power to carry the 1950’s-era “Trojan” to 37,000 feet – as high as modern-day jetliners!